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Cane Toad Tadpole Trap and Lure Package

Cane Toad Tadpole Trap and Lure Package

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The Cane Toad Tadpole Trap and Lure package is the ultimate tool for effective Cane Toad control. Target and remove cane toads in their vulnerable tadpole phase, before they grow up to cause damage! This product is perfect for you if:

  • You have a waterbody around 15 cm deep (the side of a pond/stream/dam is perfect!),
  • You have cane toad tadpoles to trap, and
  • You have time to collect your trap and remove the tadpoles 4-8 hours after setting!

Product Specifications

  • This listing is for 1x Cane Toad Tadpole Trap and pack of Lures.
  • Pack of Lures contains 5 lures with 24 hours of water time each.
  • Trap dimensions: 315 x 320 x 290 mm

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Humane, effective Cane Toad control is here!

Break the breeding cycle of Cane Toads (Rhinella marina) by trapping hundreds of tadpoles at a time. Our world first technology targets Cane Toads in their vulnerable tadpole phase, before they grow up to cause damage.

Use in toad breeding waterways - perfect for dams, streams and ponds.

How does it work? 

Cane Toad tadpoles in Australia have evolved to cannibalise other Cane Toad eggs. The active ingredient in the lure is the same pheromone that attracts the tadpoles to the eggs! When placed in the trap, the lure creates a 'scent plume' through the water that Cane Toad tadpoles will follow into the trap, making them easy to remove and euthanise.

The lure is an environmentally friendly, humane solution. The lure is only attractive to cane toad tadpoles and has no impact on waterway health or native frog species.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Craig Jordan
About time someone come with a product that will slow down these pests

Great product works like a fly trap some people don't relize how many toads can breed its bizarre first time our new dam filled up 6 years ago the toads were having a party mating I have even seen them mating with dead toads ribbon comes out of them with baby's 2 to 3 meters long what does that tell you diver shags birds are the only predator to tad poles I know they will breed with enormous amounts thanks for people's resources that we can slow them down and our dogs and nature might be saved I have been looking for a product like this one but it's only a start maybe need a 44 gallon drum as a trap thanks for your trap it works great lure

Julie Elms
Cane toad tadpole trap

I recently bought the cane toad tadpole trap which came with 5 lures. The process is simple and the instructions are clear and easy to understand. I was impressed and horrified at how many cane toad tadpoles I trapped over a 5 day period. It felt good to do such a simple and inexpensive thing to help the environment. I will be using this process again.

Clare Mitchell

We have a small pond with plants and plenty of hiding places and no matter how hard I tried I could not catch all the toad tadpoles, so I did some research and found the Cane toad tadpole Trap and Lure system. Simple to set up and after 8 hours it had caught a surprising number of tadpoles that I would not have been able to trap any other way. I have checked every day since and have found not a single tadpole. I will for sure be using this again.

Dianne Guedes
Like a VIRUS !

Excellent cull with first use! Trap worked well and several thousand caught. However with subsequent traps supplied with new pheromone hardly any 'poles responded. Do they "get the drift" of whats happening and avoid being trapped again? Is our pond too large for this product to continue being effective? Pls reply to questions, we want this to work !! Thank you.

Hi Dianne, great to hear your trap worked well on the first try! Sounds like there is an issue with the set up in subsequent trapping efforts, that shouldn't happen! Some key things to try: wash the trap thoroughly with warm soapy water after use (the 'scent' of previous catches will impact your success if not washed well!), place the trap close to the cane toad tadpole swarm and be sure to identify the tadpoles as cane toads first, make sure all pumps and fountains are turned off, trap on a warm sunny day. We recommend checking out the FAQ page on our website for more!
Hope this helps! If you're still having issues feel free to send us an email at with some photos of your trapping set up and we can help further!

William Grant
It Works

Instructions good , successful catch average 500 tadpoles first 5 uses.
Only improvement would be to hilight the allignment arrows on lid and side of trap.
I used black hilighter over clear arrows and made it heaps easier to align.

Hi William, thanks for your feedback! We love to hear how you find using them in the field. We certainly agree with you that highlighting the arrows would be ideal, unfortunately this is something we looked into and isn't possible using our process. Glad to hear you have made it clearer using a pen, that's a great idea. Thanks again for your review and support!